Rates & Services

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Pick & Pack

First Item Pick Per Order (Up to 25 LBS)
Additional Pick Per Carton (Up to 25 LBS)
Additional Pick Per Item (Up to 5 LBS)
Returns Per Order

Monthly Storage

Full Bin (16" x 12" x 8") Per SKU
Pallet (48" x 60")
Cold Storage Pallet (48" x 60")

Additional Services

Inbound/Outbound Carton
Inbound/Outbound Pallet
Inbound Inspection Fee (Minimum 1 Hour)
Cross- Docking (Up to 48 Hours)
Container Destuffing (20 Foot)
Container Destuffing (40 Foot)
Sorting and Handling
Sorting and Handling/Kitting
Rush Receive (24 Hours)
Warehouse Labour + Cycle Count
After Hours/Weekend Service/Kitting
Rush Order (4 Hours)
Stretch Wrap (Labour Included)
Standard Pallet (48" x 40")
Supply Packaging Materials
Manual Shipping Label (Data Entry, Print, Apply)
Shipping Label (Print and Apply)
Dedicated Floor Space
$3.50 Per Carton
$7.50 Per Pallet
$35.00 Per Pallet
$5.00 Per Pallet/Week
$250.00 Up to 1,000 Cartons
$450.00 Up to 2,000 Cartons
$0.45 Per Carton
$0.25 Per Item
$45.00 Per Hour/Person
$35.00 Per Hour/Person
$45.00 Per Hour/Person
$25.00 Per Order
$7.00 Per Pallet
$44.00 Per Pallet
Cost + 15%
$2.50 Per Label
$0.35 Per Label
Included Per Label
$18.75 per sq ft Minimum 300 sq ft

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